Welcome to RSPCA York & District Branch 

                                   We're not just a Dogs Home!
We have cats, rabbits, small animals and birds available for adoption.

Animal Of The Week

Can you give this lovely girl a home? She has been patiently waiting for such a long time.

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Some of our achievements in 2014

We re-homed 191 dogs, 266 cats, 21 rabbits and 96 other small animals during the year and reunited 70 pets with their owners, thanks to the animals' microchip with up to date owner information.

403 of our animals needed microchipping and we provided 37 free microchips to owners. 162 animals will not be producing unwanted litters thanks to the vouchers we issued to pet owners, to assist with the cost of neutering last year. 92 feral cats were captured, neutered and then released back to their own lives.

As usual all our dogs, cats and rabbits that were re-homed were either neutered when they went to their new homes or if for any reason they could not be neutered at the time of re-homing, for example, if they were too young; then they went home with a voucher to cover the cost of neutering.

At the end of the year we had 195 animals in our care and here's hoping they all find their new families soon.

Opening Hours

To enable additional staff training, the York Animal Home will be closed at 1 pm each Thursday, during January to March 2015. We apologise if this inconveniences you.