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Welcome to RSPCA York and District Branch, covering Malton, Market Weighton, Pocklington, Selby and Tadcaster.

Summer Late Night Openings

The dates for our summer late nights have been set, as in previous years, for the last Thursday of the month from May to October inclusive. The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm, on these days and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm. 

The first late night opening will be this Thursday 26th May 2016. If you are a registered dog walker or cat socialiser please come along and give the animals an evening walk or playtime. If you interested in adopting one of the animals in our care; our reception will be open and the staff will be happy to discuss, what you are looking for, with you.


To start the process of looking for your new pet please click on the appropriate animal category below.
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We urge ‘Do not disturb’ as baby birds leave the nest.

Spring has sprung and as fledgling birds attempt to spread their wings and leave the nest members of the public are being urged to leave them be.

Depending on the age of the bird human interference could be causing more harm than good.

Many fledglings discovered by members of the public are mistakenly thought to be injured or abandoned, and subsequently moved from their natural habitat. Young garden birds, or fledglings, usually leave the nest two weeks after hatching and during this vulnerable period of their lives they are fed on the ground by their parents. Tawny owl fledglings are even able to climb back up to their nests on their own.

Diary Of Events

Thursday 26th May - Late Night Opening; The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm.

1 to 12 June – Volunteers Week

6 to 12 June – RSPCA Week

18 to 26 June – Rabbit Awareness Week 

Thursday 30 June - Late Night Opening; The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm.

Thursday 7th July – St Crux

Thursday 28 July - Late Night Opening; The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm.

Sunday 14th August - Summer Fair and Dog Show

Thursday 25 August - Late Night Opening; The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm.

Monday 29th August - Fulford Show

Thursday 29 September - Late Night Opening; The York Animal Home will close at 1 pm and reopen at 5 pm until 7.30 pm.

Sunday 4th December - Christmas Fair

RSPCA York and District Branch Lottery

The latest lottery was drawn at 2.30 pm, on 24th April 2016, at the RSPCA York Animal Home. 

The winning numbers are:-

  • 1st Prize -  Number 036 - £60
  • 2nd Prize - Number 032  - £25
  • 3rd Prize -  Number 044  - £15

Please see our FAQs page for details on how to join this lottery. All proceeds are for the benefit of the animals at the RSPCA York Animal Home.

The Lottery is drawn on the last Sunday of every month.

Animal Evacuation Christmas 2015 

All of the animals were evacuated on Sunday 27th December, as the grounds were flooded. That's 50 dogs, 47 cats, 11 rabbits and 30 assorted small animals and wildlife.

At first it was thought that we could get away with only evacuating the dogs but as the water kept rising it was decided to evacuate all the animals during daylight hours. Also mid-afternoon wellies were needed to gain entry to the site as all access points were under water and there was water ponding around the home grounds. Thankfully, the water did not come in to the buildings but it was close. We were lucky in that respect.

The majority of the animals went to Askham Bryan College where the animal care staff worked for the rest of the week. Some animals were sent out to temporary foster homes. The animals are now back in the Animal Home except for Tallulah and Rupert who have been re-homed. Due to the need to get back to normal and to deal with all the paperwork that evacuating the home has generated we have decided to remain shut and will reopen for business as usual on Tuesday 12th January 2016.

We have to say a big thank you to so many people. To Askham Bryan College and staff for housing so many of our animals and for helping with their welfare and exercise needs. To some key volunteers Andy, Richard and Nathan who helped with the animals and in moving the larger electrical items. To Kerry for helping to move key admin files. To John from York Waterworks for helping in the flood water to sandbag our doors. To Howarth Timber for the generous and much needed donation of hundreds of Hydro Sacks. 

To the many many people and businesses that donated animal food to help us; you are too numerous to mention individually. To those that donated money and sent gifts via our Amazon Wish List - thanks those gifts are now just starting to get through as parcel deliveries have recommenced.

If you have made an offer of help via Twitter, Facebook or by email and we have not responded yet - please accept our apologies as there have been so many. Your offer may now be lost and may not have got through as there was a communication blackout when the Telephone Exchange was flooded. You can ring our front doorbell if you are bringing in donations even if we are closed.

The support we have received has been heart warming and generous and it is very comforting to know that we have such great supporters in our branch area.

Finally we need to thank the staff and volunteers at the York Animal Home who worked long hours and many coming in during their Christmas Break in order that the animals could be relocated successfully.

Our Adoption fees changed with effect from 1st November 2015

Our adoption fees are reviewed every year and we try to keep them as low as possible but at the same time set the fee so that we are getting an appropriate contribution towards the cost of looking after your pet, whilst he or she has been in our care. Our adoption fees have not been changed since 2012. Sadly, we now feel the need to increase the fee with effect from 1st November 2015.

The maximum fee we will be asking for each animal will be:-

Puppies – £150.

Adult Dogs - £120.

Kittens - £90.

Adult Cats - £80.

Rabbits, Small Animals and Birds – Between £5 and £25.


On adoption your cat, dog or rabbit will be neutered (if 5 months or older), micro-chipped, wormed and have up to date vaccinations. Cats and dogs received standard and regular flea treatments and rabbit’s, treatment for mites.  Of course, you also get your new family member! If your dog, cat or rabbit leaves us unneutered because they are too young, then we issue a voucher to you to pay for the neutering when your new pet is old enough.

If you were to acquire your new pet from a source that does not provide the above then you can reasonably expect to pay the following:-

Microchipping – typically around £25.

Dog Castration – from £80 (more for larger dogs).

Bitch Spay – typically £150 to £300+ depending on the size of the dog.

Cat Castration - from around £40.

Cat Spay - £60 upwards.

Plus the cost of vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

(All prices are an indication only and the actual prices will depend on the charges of your chosen veterinary practice, the species, breed and size of the animal).